Our goal is to help improve your business. We start the relationship by doing something very unusual, we listen! The first thing we do is ask a lot of questions. We want to understand your business and learn what you are trying to accomplish. If we can’t help you, we’re not afraid to tell you. We won’t ask for your business unless we can improve it!

We focus on results. We enjoy being accountable for our work and want to earn your trust as a team you can count on.

We’re not just a printing company, we’re a marketing organization! When you do business with Blanchard Press, you are enlisting a team of highly trained marketing professionals with deep resources.

When you’ve been in business for over a century, that’s a lot of experience! Not only have we been around for a long time, we’ve constantly updated our technology and the expertise of our staff to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

We’ll give you ideas that work. Time-tested principles and systems to help you succeed in today’s ultra competitive business world!

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