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Boston, MA - February 24, 2003 - With plans moving forward on a massive new development and memorial project at the World Trade Center site, many people feel that memorial lights illuminated one year ago were the most fitting tribute to the events of 9/11. From firehouses around Ground Zero to national television audiences, the Tower of Lights "Remembrance" photographic image of the New York skyline is now reaching out on this anniversary with a message of hope and rebirth memorializing the nation's worst terrorist attack.

Blanchard Press, Inc. has joined over 23 printers nationwide in publishing nearly a quarter of a million commemorative posters of the "Remembrance" image . The free 12" x 18" poster has traveled all around the country. Cliff Wassmann, the California professional photographer who captured the Tower of Lights on film along with this distinguished list of graphics arts professionals find that this particular image is impacting the hearts of so many people.

In remembrance of this horrific tragedy and the one year anniversary of the memorial lights at Ground Zero, Blanchard Press is now making the poster available free to the Boston area public beginning February 7, 2003. Initially, Wassmann a travel photographer, felt no desire to photograph the World Trade Center site after the attack and add to the nations collection of destructive images, but upon seeing the tribute in light realized it was time to return to New York and photograph America's new sacred space.

Blanchard Press along with PSG (Printing Services of Greensboro) in Greensboro, North Carolina who originally printed 80,000 of the posters and Heidelberg the worlds foremost printing press manufacturer, are uniting to help get the poster in the hands of everyone who desires to have it.

Aside from the poster, the image has been used in a variety of ways including many special 9/11 presentations, the New York City Mayor's website and the New York state Handbook of Services among others. To view additional images of the Tower of Lights taken by Wassmann, please visit his website at

Although the poster is free, people are encouraged to donate to September's Mission, which is a non-profit organization founded by Monica Iken, who lost her husband in the tragedy. His body was never found and it's the goal of September's Mission to play a key role in the construction of a permanent memorial on the site that takes into consideration the wishes of the victims' families. For more information on this organization, please visit

With special thanks to the Mead paper company, Blanchard Press is able to offer this poster for free to the general public until the limited quantity is depleted.

For additional information or if you would like to request your free posters by mail, please contact John Sutherland by phone at 617-426-6690 or visit the Blanchard Press website at There is a $5.00 shipping and handling fee, and Blanchard Press does accept major credit cards. In California, posters may be picked up at Wassmann Fine Arts, 34118 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA, 949-240-8721.

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